2018-02-24 / Living

Making goals make for a good year in 2018

Many people have chosen to focus on being healthier in 2018 and some have even made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and exercise.

Those are both good goals to have. In order to help, we want to give you some information from the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual survey of exercise trends.

The first one is high intensity interval training which consists of short bursts of all-out effort followed by periods of moderate intensity exercise or rest. Studies have shown that this type of workout gives you the most bang for your buck while shortening the amount of time actually working out.

Group classes are also very good workouts which tend to vary, cost less, and are more appealing to people with all different types of fitness levels.

Some people are trying the wearable activity trackers which are good to give you a true account of how much activity you are getting as we often think we are doing better than we really are. Yoga is still a popular trend because it is constantly updated with new twists and it is good stretching for older adults as well.

The main focus that we want everyone to take away is the fact that no matter what type of exercises you are doing, they are good and keep it up.

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