2018-02-24 / The Bullhorn

Scholastic Journalism Week: thank you, readers


We are the ones who deliver your daily news. We are the ones who investigate situations to get the information you want to know. We are the ones who are put under extreme pressure to make sure that breaking news is just that – breaking and new. We are journalists.

This past week was Scholastic Journalism Week. This week is meant to highlight scholastic journalists, but we want to take this time to appreciate our readers.

As anyone can imagine, we rely on the First Amendment faithfully – the freedom of religion, speech, press, petition, and assembly.

This is what allows us to have the freedom we have when publishing stories, and getting out the information the public needs. This amendment is extremely vital for us as journalists.

To us, journalism is much more than just writing and putting out a story; it is so much more personal than that. To us, it is about telling a story.

Our goal is to tell a story for someone or an organization that may not have the opportunity to do so alone.

Being a student journalist for Roxboro Community School (RCS) means we go by a rule that our teacher has engraved into our heads for years: there are 700 people in this school, so there are 700 stories. We appreciate you, our audience, taking the time to read and look at our work.

So, while this week has been about celebrating us, we want to thank you. Without our community, we would not be here. Thank you for buying the paper. Thank you for reading our stories. Thank you for every compliment and constructive critique.

Thank you.

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