2018-04-21 / The Bullhorn

Seventh annual prom set for tonight


Roxboro Community School (RCS) will hold its seventh annual prom tonight. Ladies will be dressing head to toe in the latest styles and fashions from boutiques all over North Carolina.

This year’s prom theme is “a night of a thousand lights.” It will include slight red accents with lots of roses and crystals.

Senior Alexis Starvaggi said, “I love the theme. I actually voted on the diamonds are forever theme. Roses and diamonds are elegant and I absolutely love that combo!”

Many students who have gone to past proms have said that “The Great Gatsby” and “Fire and Ice” were two favorites.

This year’s prom will feature DJ Trevor from Vox DJ Company for the music, and will be held in the multipurpose room.

Surrounding areas will be used for food and photo ops. Many students have said they preferred it when the prom was held in the main part of the school building instead of the multipurpose room.

Shelly Harris, RCS civics teacher and prom committee advisor, said of this year’s event, “I really liked the rooftop garden we created for our “City Nights” theme, I also loved the “Enchanted Forest” theme, although it was a difficult one to pull off.”

At the RCS prom, not everyone dresses to match the theme; many ladies going to prom this year will go with the natural and more simple colors. Many decided easy hairstyles and basic/light makeup were the best way to go this year.

RCS alumna and key holder at Genealogy, (prom store in Raleigh) Stephanie DeVillier said, “Two piece ball gowns, lace up backs, and pockets are the looks for this year. Shiny satin dresses are in this year; not much of beading or sparkles.”

RCS senior Sara Coates said, “As far as hair, shoes, and makeup, I think girls truly do what makes them feel the most confident and comfortable each year.”

Some have said they were going to wear sneakers and dresses that have pockets to carry their phones and other necessities.

Many, including senior Madalynn Bailey, like the fact that everyone gets to park in the new parking lot rather than the old one.

“Me and my close guy and girl friends are all going together as a big group,” said Jalen Blanks, RCS senior. There are many other ladies and gentlemen going together as groups just like Blanks.

“Planning can be extremely chaotic and stressful, but after four years of it, I know it is just one more thing that I will miss next year.” said Coates.

Prom will last from 7:30 to 11:30 in RCS’s multipurpose room.

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