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RCS student to travel through World Race: Gap Year


William Jacobs William Jacobs This fall, Roxboro Community School (RCS) senior William Jacobs plans to travel for nine months through World Race: Gap Year.

World Race: Gap Year is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the word of Jesus through an 11 country, 11-month mission trip. Since 1989, the parent organization to World Race: Gap Year, Adventures in Missions, has taken over 110,000 people on mission trips around the world.

“Honestly, with no direction about a future occupation or college, I felt this opportunity would provide a platform for me not only to experience the world, but who I am in it through Jesus Christ,” said Jacobs.

Jacobs heard about the program through a friend and decided to fill out the application on the World Race website. He then had a phone interview, and later received an acceptance call.

For nine months, Jacobs will travel to the countries of Guatemala, Thailand, Malaysia, and Swaziland. The journey will begin from September 2018 and last until late May or early June 2019.

Through World Race, Jacobs and his team will serve in partnership with churches and ministries in local communities to preach the Gospel, plant churches, work in orphanages, and minister to women and children.

“I know in this trip, God will expose my strengths and weakness and I will experience community in a way I could never imagine,” explained Jacobs. “When I get back, I know that I will have not only experienced new people, places, and languages, but the love of the Gospel. I’m not sure how my life will look when I get back, but I know that it will be, hopefully, one that has a passion for people and an idea for who I am to be in college and life.”

World Race does not financially sponsor the program, so Jacobs will raise all of the support. To donate virtually, visit his blog at www.williamjacobs. theworldrace.org. For any questions about donating, contact Jacobs at jacobswd@roxborocommunityschool.org.

“The one thing I hope to accomplish or find is an incandescent satisfaction in my relationship with God and direction in my pursuit for college,” concluded Jacobs.

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