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Founding member retires from board of directors


Teresa Fox Teresa Fox Teresa Fox, one of the founders of Roxboro Community School (RCS), has been a part of school since the idea came about in 2003. The school was officially opened in 2006.

After years of, “late nights, early mornings, and long days,” as Fox said, she will be retiring from the RCS Board of Directors. Her last day as a board member will be July 9.

“I’ll carry all of the knowledge and personal connections I’ve made for the rest of my life,” said Fox.

Along with being a founding member of the school, she has been a part of the PTSO, coordinated many school events including the first Holiday Extravaganza, Bulldog Days, and RCS golf tournaments, helped set up the RCS lunch program and the first Bulldog Cafe, assisted in planning the first graduation for seniors and eighth graders, and has acted as a janitor and substitute teacher for the school.

“At the beginning, RCS was a dream that a group of us wanted and intended to work hard for. Once we were granted the charter from the State Board [of Education], it was a time to implement all of our ideas,” said Fox.

“No feat is too small in my eyes, I like to think of myself as a proud parent and RCS my child,” said Fox, since the idea for RCS was put into place from her basement.

Not only has she impacted the school, but also the people in it.

“It has been an honor to serve on the RCS Board of Directors with Mrs. Fox. She has never hesitated to offer support to the other board members or to provide historical information to assist board members in making decisions. Her selfless dedication to RCS is second to none. Mrs. Fox will be missed greatly,” said Janet Clayton, the current chair of the RCS Board of Directors.

“I will genuinely miss working closely with the parents, students, staff and fellow board members of RCS,” said Fox. “There is always an undercurrent of excitement at RCS, you can feel that great things are happening there.”

Founding principal, Sam Kennington, said Fox “gave birth to” RCS, and had nurtured it continually through its 12 years of operation.

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