2018-08-08 / Editorial

Lots of reasons to attend festival

In a couple week’s time, Uptown Roxboro will transform into party central.

The Personality Festival will take over a slew of streets centered on the county courthouse.

The sites, sounds and food will be much as they have been in years past, which is to say they will be pretty good.

But the best reason to attend a community street festival actually doesn’t have anything to do with those things.

People are social creatures by nature. Most of us like being around other people. We find it stimulating. Whether we know the people or not, doesn’t matter entirely.

Some people – and my wife is the queen of this category – like to people watch. They enjoy seeing other people taking part in an activity or enjoying themselves at a ball game or a concert or, yes, even a street festival.

For those people, it doesn’t matter if they know the people they are watching. The experience of seeing what gives other people joy is a joy in and of itself.

For others, though, we like the chance to see people we know. It’s a good chance to enjoy fellowship with our friends. It’s a chance to renew less intimate relationships or catch up on the news of a friend’s family or mutual acquaintances.

That social interaction gives us a chance to measure our lives and problems against those of other people.

It gives us a chance, sometimes, to enjoy relationships from a different perspective.

That’s a good thing.

It’s fun and kind of odd in a way, to see your teacher riding a fair ride or seeing your doctor walking down Main Street holding the hand of his or her own child.

It gives us the opportunity to realize that other people that we characterize into specific boxes don’t actually fit in those neat comfortable descriptions.

During a typical day, our interactions with people, other than our immediate family, tend to be a little stiffer, a little more formal.

But Personality gives us a peek into just what it says: other people’s personalities.

And, along the way, we get to learn about some of the things that make our community distinctly different than, say, Caswell or Granville counties.

And, of course, if you’re not really into the psychology of relationships, you can still have fun at Personality.

After all, there’s plenty of food, lots of good music and tons of fun to be had.

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