2018-09-01 / Education

Wilson honored with emeritus status at Bethel Hill

The Bethel Hill Charter School Board recently honored alumnus Donald Wayne Wilson with the Board Member Emeritus status for being a critical leader in continuing education in the Bethel Hill community.

“Since the beginning of Bethel Hill Charter School, [Wilson’s] leadership and financial expertise have been vital in setting a firm foundation for the school,” according to a press release put out by the charter school. “His dedication and visionary leadership have reinforced ‘thinking outside the box’ and have formed a continued and renewed educational direction for the Bethel Hill community and Person County.”

In the 1990s, Wilson served as the primary spokesperson for the community to keep Bethel Hill Elementary open. After the final decision was made to close the school in June 2000, he served as a founding board member of the new Bethel Hill Charter School.

“His immeasurable contributions have insured visionary and innovative education in the Bethel Hill community for generations to come.” the press release stated.

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