2018-09-08 / Religion

Dual Recovery meetings start Sept. 13

Weekly Dual Recovery Anonymous meetings will be held at the Christian Help Center from 3:30-4:30 p.m. beginning Thursday, Sept. 13.

An open house will precede the Sept. 13 meeting at 2:30 p.m.

Dual Recovery Anonymous is a 12-step, self-help recovery program for people with a dual diagnosis. This means that the individual has two separate but interrelated diagnoses of mental illness and substance use, which may include both drugs and alcohol.

According to the DRA website, not only is an individual with a dual diagnosis affected by two separate illnesses, both illnesses interact with one another – at times, overlapping and even masking each other, making diagnosis and treatment more difficult.

The weekly meetings to begin at CHC will be facilitated by Person County resident Steve, who declined to give his last name in order to uphold the

“anonymous” tradition of the recovery program. A former addict for 25 years, he now has 22 years of sobriety and has worked as a peer recovery specialist, and as an advocate and confidant at a halfway house.

It’s important to live by the mantra, “Recovery is not only possible but probable,” Steve says. His own recovery and ability to help others has inspired him to pass the gift on to others, he says.

For more information, contact Steve at 336-503- 2819.

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