2018-09-08 / The Bullhorn

Changes to the school handbook


For the 2018-2019 school year, Roxboro Community School (RCS) changed a few things with the dress code. RCS students are now allowed to wear RCS hooded tops this year. Also, shorts and dresses must be no shorter than two inches of the knee.

On jeans days, students can wear any appropriate t- shirt. In the past, students could only wear college and RCS t-shirts on jeans days.

RCS changed the dress code “to give students more of a choice in what they wear” stated Darkarai Bryant, high school principal.

RCS started a middle school journalism class and a drafting three class this year. They were added to try “to offer classes that were of interest and will benefit our students” said Bryant.

RCS staff proposed the revisions to the dress code and then the board of directors approved them.

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