2018-09-08 / The Bullhorn

N.Y. adventure blends past and present


Early in the morning, last summer, my mom and I started our 12 hour journey to Cornwall, New York. This small town, an hour away from the city is where my mom grew up.

When most people think “New York” they imagine skyscrapers and questionable smells. However, Cornwall was just the opposite with tall mountains and the breathtaking Hudson River. Although, probably everyone agrees that New York has the best pizza in the country. So, starting off the trip right, we enjoyed dinner at Prima Pizza, an old teenage hangout for my mom.

As I thought about the upcoming days my excitement grew, knowing I would see my mom’s old stomping grounds and the Big Apple.

West Point, the United States Military Academy, was our first stop. It was incredible to stand where my grandfather lived while his dad was in the Army.

Continuing my mom’s walk down memory lane, we went to meet my Aunt Sara at Weirs, an old ice cream shop that was there when my mom was young. When we finished our cones, we headed to New York Military Academy, where Mom attended summer camp and learned to ride horses in her youth.

At the 9/11 Memorial, a family visits and puts a flag and white rose on the name of their family member. OLIVIA TOWNSEND | BULLHORN At the 9/11 Memorial, a family visits and puts a flag and white rose on the name of their family member. OLIVIA TOWNSEND | BULLHORN That night we enjoyed a cookout and packed for the city.

Saturday morning, we took an hour train ride to New York City and arrived at Grand Central Station. The building was buzzing with chaos: when we stepped outside we nearly were run over by busy pedestrians.

As we walked down Times Square all we could hear was the commotion of traffic and people everywhere.

Bright lights and neon signs crowded the buildings. When we boarded the tour bus we could see vendors just starting to set up around the streets. We toured, we shopped, we ate; it was a great day.

We finally decided to see our apartment rental. To my surprise the apartment was barley bigger than my room, while four people had to share. Once we put our bags down and freshened up, we decided on Junior’s for dinner. It was a retro styled diner down the street from Madame Tussaud’s wax museum, which was our last stop of the night.

All the way from Ernest Hemingway to Alicia Keys, seven stories of unbelievable realistic celebrities was an interesting way to end our first night in NYC.

The sounds of the city right outside our window woke me up early in the morning, which gave us a head start on the line we expected to see at Stardust Diner. In no time at all we were entertained by the singing wait staff who were dreaming for their big break on Broadway. The entertainment got better with each act as they jumped on tables and glitter started falling from the ceiling. With a full stomach and a full Starbucks cup, we headed towards the ferry boat.

Our first stop was filled with emotion as we walked to the 9/11 Memorial. Two heartbreaking yet astounding waterfalls take the place of both twin towers. With names etched in stone, some were remembered by family members with a white rose or flag.

Above the September 11 Memorial a shredded gold sphere stands with scrapes and dents on the outside. This was originally a piece of artwork in one of the twin tower lobbies.

After spending a couple hours at the Memorial we jumped back on the ferry and rode to Southport. In a taxi, we rode to Little Italy where we had a realistic Italian lunch with pasta and calamari.

Our last stop on the ferry boat was circling the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. When we got back to land we had one final stop before heading back to Cornwall.

We rode to Central Park and everything was green and people were rowing boats. It was like a quiet getaway from the hectic city.

When we got off the train we were back in the countryside of New York. After eating dinner we went right home and right to sleep, tired from the last two days of walking around the city.

The last day of our trip was spent in New Paltz, lounging around at my God Grandparents’ pool. We stayed at the pool almost all day and before dinner we browsed in the small town shops. As we were eating dinner we talked about our experience in New York.

The next morning I was sad to leave New York but realized I couldn’t wait to learn more about my history and the city that never sleeps.

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