2018-09-12 / Editorial

Purchase offer amount surprises

We were surprised to learn that the “winning” bid to purchase Person County’s Home Health and Hospice programs fetched just $200,000, far below the average $2.3 million other such sales have brought.

Of course, it’s right and fair to ask if commissioners were sold a bill of goods by consultants who touted that average number without adequately preparing them for how Person County’s Home Health and Hospice programs measured up against the average.

But the size of the bid raises questions about whether county leaders should reconsider the plans to sell the agencies.

Among the questions commissioners should ask of the proposed buyer – Medical Services of America – is how it will improve the quality of services Person County residents now receive.

If Person County is to receive no more than $200,000 to part with the agencies, the county’s real gain won’t be financial.

If the buyer can justify the purchase through improved service levels, then perhaps the sale process should continue.

Otherwise, the $200,000 Person County will receive may not be worth forcing residents to deal with an out-of-town outfit.

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