2018-12-05 / Editorial

Interesting pair of political bedfellows

Newly-elected county commissioner David Newell drew the ire of some of his fellow Republicans Monday night, when he joined forces with the county board’s two Democrats to put Democrat Ray Jeffers in the board’s vice chairmanship.

Republican party loyalists saw the move as an abandonment of the party.

The truth is no one wants partisan politics – except the partisans themselves – at the county level.

Most people are much more concerned with the policy direction of county government and the ability of that government to provide services in a cost effective way at a level the public has come to expect.

That’s not so much a Democratic issue or a Republican issue as much as it is a Person County issue.

We’re inclined to give Newell’s hand-across the aisle approach an opportunity to work.

We really don’t care if county commissoners are Democrats, Republicans, Green Partiers, Independents or Libertarians as long as they can put labels aside when they conduct the county’s business.

The olive branch Newell offered the county commissioners’ two Democrats needs to be more than a convenient tool for climbing to the top of the county’s political heap.

Instead it needs to be the beginning of a relationship that calls for both taking and giving.

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