Council members slog through planning process


The Roxboro City Council continued to refine its strategic plan during a planning session last Tuesday.

This session was intended to organize council’s ideas, following the first strategic planning session in which council members updated the plan since the council hasn’t reviewed the plan recently.

According to Roxboro City Manager Brooks Lockhart, the goal is to update the strategic plan regularly.

With that being said, at this session council revisited what strategies had been accomplished, what needed to be amended, adjusted, or added and what strategies were ongoing.

“Do we want to keep these strategies or do we want to think about additional economic strategies or do we want to keep the creative objectives for these strategies? A lot of these ... (are) either ongoing or we are already doing it or it is stuff that we need to complete,” Roxboro City Manager Brooks Lockhart said to council.

Essentially, council went through all six goals, which are support the work force, enhance housing stock/beautification efforts, enhance city services, economic development, forecast and planning for growth and inspire community involvement. Council members are being asked to adjust strategies based on how the council wants to achieve a particular goal.

Council discussed updating logos but decided to let staff take care of it and gradually work it into the strategic plan since it is ongoing

Council members also generated ideas like consulting with commercial real estate investors under economic development and deleted strategies that called for streamlining permitting process so it does not interfere with growth opportunities. Council members also said they want to keep land use planning ordinances current and relevant as the city staff updates the Unified Development Ordinance.

Council members were also given the opportunity to offer ideas about what they wanted to add to the strategic plan.

Lockhart gave council members one more chance to put their own fingerprints on the plan by posing a question toward the end of Tuesday’s meeting. “What ideas are burning in your heart?” Lockhart asked.

Council members were charged by Mayor Merilyn Newell to think about that question and come up with new ideas.

City staff will continue refining the strategic plan to reflect council’s priorities and to provide ideas to incorporate into the strategic plan.

“This is a living document. It doesn’t just stop here,” said Newell.


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