Covenant Church honors local evangelist


Covenant Reformed Baptist Church honored Joseph Neil Scruggs, II, for a lifetime of service as a local evangelist and for completing two terms as an elder of the church.

Scruggs is a familiar face around Caswell County, visiting homes of both friends and soon-to-be friends, lending helping hands, and driving buses to pick up kids for church events.

He also regularly speaks at the church’s GYM meeting on Sunday evenings aimed at teenagers and young adults. After retiring as a rural postal carrier out of Yanceyville, Scruggs served as an elder at Covenant Reformed Baptist Church in Providence. “Elders are the human leaders of the church according to the Bible. Reformed churches follow the Biblical pattern of having both paid elders, that is pastors like me, and lay elders who together lead the church. Lay elders like Joe aren’t paid but serve as in volunteer ministry,” Dr. John Carpenter, the church’s pastor, explained.

The church celebrated Scruggs completion of his second consecutive term and his life-time of evangelistic serve with a plaque and a commemorative book and other members spontaneously made cards and a poster. “Joe isn’t retiring from the ministry, but we thought this was a significant mile-stone to stop and show our appreciation for his faithful service,” Carpenter said.


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