Heat wave expected to smother county


Person County residents will feel the heat this weekend.

Temperatures are expected to reach triple digits and, with humidity, the temperature could feel as hot as 105 degrees.

Doug Young, Person County’s Director of Emergency Management, says people need to avoid prolonged activity outdoors if at all possible. He says even the mildest activities during the heat of the day, like a stroll through the neighborhood, could cause problems for people.

“People will want to stay hydrated. Don’t wait until you get thirsty this weekend to drink some water or Gatorade,” Young said.

Temperatures have been high all weekend, but they are expected to reach a peak this weekend. Fortunately, a new weather system is set to invade the area by Monday, bringing more seasonable temperatures to the area.

Some local agencies are trying to provide relief from the heat. At the Person County Senior Center on Thursday, the supply of free fans available for residents had dwindled down to nothing. On Friday morning, the Roxboro Rotary Club donated more fans to the program.

Young says one thing people often don’t think about in a heat wave is their electrical use. Consumption spikes during hot weather as people keep their air conditioners running hard. Young said people should avoid other electricity-consuming activities like running their washers and dryers during the day. “Speaking just for Doug, I know when it’s hot outside, I want the air conditioner in my house running. But other things like running our appliances can wait. Try to do those things during off peak hours, which generally means at night,” Young said.

Knowing what signs and symptoms to look out for can also help people preserve their health.

“Be conscious of what your body is telling you. If your body stops sweating, that is dangerous. You need to seek medical attention. Your body is made to sweat when you’re hot and when that stops happening you’re very close to a heat stroke. Call us or go to a doctor or the hospital or an urgent care and get help.” Young said.


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