Thankful for the storm that wasn’t


Hurricane Dorian captured everyone’s imagination last week as the big storm crept slowly up the coastline before finally coming ashore in North Carolina and then rushing right back out to sea.

The storm had only minor impact in our region and, really, none to speak of here in Person County.

Even most residents in coastal communities fared better than many feared the would.

The U.S. mainland was spared the devastation that raked the Bahamas.

We’re happy about that. But we shouldn’t let the missed storm create complacency.

All these tropical storms can be unpredictable and can create more problems than anticipated. The trouble is, we never quite know which storm is going to be the doozy and which is going to be the dud.

Emergency officials repeat lists of the basic do’s and don’ts every time a storm approaches. It’s important that we heed that advice – seeking shelter wherever we need to go to find it, protecting our property in advance of a storm and simply stocking up on basics that will help keep us fed in the event the power actually goes out for an extended period of time.

As with so many other things, the endless deluge of warnings can be lost on those whose minds are not properly focused. There is a tendency to tune out that good advice when a series of storms does little or no damage to a community. But that would be a mistake.

This year’s hurricane season isn’t over yet. There’s no telling, at this point, whether Person County residents might be affected.

But those who heed the advice of emergency crews will certainly fare better than the rest of us when the next storm does arrive.


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