Trump uses brainwashing to get way


To the editor:

The ardent supporters of Donald Trump have their heads buried in clay. A recent letter writer is one of these supporters. Most citizens can plainly see that Trump is in bed with Russian leader Putin.

Although the Kurds provided the information that caused the demise of ISIS’s top two leaders, the first words out of Trump’s mouth was praise for the Russians. Some military leaders state the operation had to be accelerated because of Trump’s recent betrayal of the Kurds.

It appears your other letter writer receives his information from Sen. Lindsey Graham and FOX News. Graham used Sen. John McCain until McCain’s death. He is now free to exhibit his true Trump-loving colors. I determined this when Graham refused to speak about Trump’s attach on the deceased senator. McCain is a true military hero. Graham was a military judge in the reserves.

Now Fox News and their phony, so-called patriots are attacking Lt. Col. Vindham because he dared tell the truth about Trump’s attempt to use the leader of Ukraine to dig up dirt on his political rival, Joe Biden by withholding congressionally-approved funds for the defense of Ukraine.

They are calling him a traitor because he was born in Ukraine when it was dominated by the Soviet Union. His family fled the Ukraine when he was three years old. Lt. Col. Vindham and three of this children are serving in the army.

Lt. Col. Vindham wears the same badges I wore to include the Purple Heart. He is an Airborne Ranger and proudly wears the Combat Infantryman’s badge. I personally know what it’s like to earn those badges.

I’m sick and tired of these people who support Trump, complaining about the mainstream media.

I’ve been trained to resist brainwashing and I know it when I see it. Trump is an expert at brainwashing. All he has to say to his followers is “I’m building a wall on our southern border to keep brown poeple and their children out.” And his followers fall in line.

Ernest Poole



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