Voter ID is the wrong fight to pick


In a recent last-minute effort, Democrats used a liberal judge to put a halt to North Carolina’s Voter ID law. An NAACP lawsuit was one of numerous assaults by Democrats to thwart the will of the people, black and white, who voted overwhelmingly for this law. Voter ID laws are now in 68 percent of the country (34 states). What are the Democrats so afraid of? Reality! There is a very real possibility that they will lose power this November. Many voters are angry at congressional Democrat witch hunts over collusion with Russia and a fraudulent impeachment, and livid at Democrats who blocked serious legislative actions benefiting ordinary Americans.

Voter fraud is a reality. We witnessed it in Durham in 2016 and again in 2018 in the 9th District. Voter integrity and several other organizations have identified cases of voter fraud. Sadly, most state Attorneys General and other public defenders won’t bother to prosecute these crimes. By law, almost no one is ever turned away from a polling place – especially not because of race or ethnicity.

Three things strike me the most.

• The NAACP was formed more than 100 years ago by whites, blacks, Christians and Jews. A slogan they used was “We are one people. We are one nation...” They no longer appear to work for the advancement and achievement of people of color. Instead, they utilize judicial intervention when they disagree with an election outcome. They are a partisan political organization. In 2017 it was reported that they had transitioned from a 501(c)3 non-profit to a 501(c)4. This change lifts significant restrictions on the NAACP’s ability to engage in political lobbying.

• Why is the NAACP willing to claim that people of color are unable to obtain an ID? This group makes a big deal about getting everyone to the polls, often in vans or buses. So why not do the same to obtain a free ID? They present their case as if their fellow citizens are incapable of performing such a task. As for blacks being “targeted” by voter-ID laws, a study by Reuters found almost no difference (2 percent versus 3 percent) in the number of white and black voters without ID. That’s outrageous! Frankly, it’s astonishing that folks of any creed or color would put up with being portrayed in such a manner. So, what is the hidden agenda behind this political theater?

Think about this: they filed a lawsuit against the state of North Carolina. That means they are suing us! A majority of the 3.6 million folks who cast ballots voted for a voter ID requirement. Frankly, we should all welcome security added to our precious elections. Photo IDs are a necessity for many commonplace aspects of life today, and the NAACP knows it.

• In 2011, South Carolina was forced by President Obama’s Department of Justice to offer free voter IDs. They set up a toll-free number so folks could call for an appointment for a free ride to a DMV office to get a free ID. After all the legal wrangling, 675 people called to express an interest, but only 25 people actually used the free ride service. Clearly, there is not a crying need for “free voter ID.”

Voting is a semi-sacred act of civic religion. Our trust that only those eligible are determining our future as a nation is the foundation of civic peace. Voter ID laws should be just one part of ensuring elections integrity. When Democrats resist those measures, it only feeds suspicion that they’re trying to steal elections.


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