Who has been brainwashed?


To the editor:

The ardent detractor of President Donald Trump and all things Republican or conservative is at it again. This frequent letter writer is determined to convince people that the Democratic Party is always on the site of truth, despite truckloads of evidence that they are allergic to it, determined to overturn the results of an election they millions of dollars and hours of distorted propaganda on to manipulate in their favor.

They spent more than two years on a sham of an investigation by totally partisan hacks with the ridiculous claim that President Trump and the Russians colluded to steal the election from Hillary Clinton, who has spent an entire political career telling lies so that she can achieve total power and all the money that a person could ever desire.

They timed the conclusion of that investigation to fall after the midterm election that they worked hard to put in the Democrats’ favor. When the results of that investigation were finally revealed we all learned that the investigation was a partisan hoax.

But that wasn’t enough. Now they are working to impeach our President based on a phone call. They reported the call with the gravity of someone announcing a major crime and announced whistleblowers who, we have found, got their evidence second-, third- or even fourth-hand. When Trump released the transcript of the phone call they got to work manipulating facts just like they did with the phone Russian collusion scandal.

Donald Trump has been an excellent President for this nation. He has lowered our taxes, brought businesses back to this nation and helped get our citizens back to work. He has lowered the unemployment numbers of women and minorities to record lows. He has worked hard on trade deals with other nations that have finally put America back in the economic driver’s seat. He has helped to destroy a terrorist group that was decimating the Middle East and under his supervision our military finally brought down the two most powerful men leading that group.

He is building a wall on our southern border to protect us from streams of illegal immigrants, tons of illegal drugs and many other crimes that have hurt our nation.

He never said anything about keeping out brown people, but our prolific letter writer loves to make up facts that fit his political views. Millions of other Americans of all races, colors and creeds and I are sick and tired of folks like this letter writer who refuse to accept the results of our last election. It’s ironic he calls himself an expert on the subject of brainwashing when he has apparently beeone of its victims.

Jamie Huff



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