At the Jan. 26 meeting of the Roxboro Kiwanis Club at Golden Corral restaurant, Norwood Walker, a retired Person County educator who is still teaching a high school class online, spoke to the club about the importance of local history. He has been writing for Hyco Lake magazine since 2012. The magazine owner asked him once to do a story about his dentist, who succeeded to the practice of retired Dr. Tom Alexander. The focus was to be on what makes people come to a place and stay.

Kiwanis Club

Walker noted that in the early 1970’s Roxboro had a number of professional and business young people move here, some of whom renovated older homes.  He began to wonder what attracted and retained them.  This also made him curious about the value of the past.  He did some research on and found local newspapers beginning in the 1800’s, leading up to the present-day Courier Times, which was established in 1945.