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The American dream of owning a home is falling out of reach for many in our state. Home prices continue to rise in North Carolina as we lag pre-recession levels of new construction. Simultaneously, our state welcomed over 100,000 new residents just last year. Both current residents and newco…

When I returned home to North Carolina from the nation’s capital in 1989 and subsequently registered to vote, I opted not to join a political party. Although my conservative views were already well-established — and publicly on display in the syndicated newspaper column I’d created three yea…

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For over a decade, the Roxboro Police Department’s use of in-car camera systems has reduced liability and mitigated numerous concerns. Several years ago, we implemented body worn cameras to supplement our in-car camera system. As police transparency and accountability continues to be a natio…

North Carolinians want their election laws to include a photo ID requirement. They’ve made this clear many times. In 2018, a large majority of voters chose to add such a requirement to the state constitution.

As the founder of one of North Carolina’s largest companies, James Edgar Broyhill helped build high-quality, durable furniture. His son, James Thomas Broyhill, who died Feb.18 at the age of 95, helped build something just as lasting: the North Carolina Republican Party.

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If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person’s religion is worthless. Religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world. (Jame…

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Old Testament: “And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart; and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.” Deuteronomy 6:5

In late 2020 when COVID restrictions began relaxing, we began partnering conversations with the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) to bring nationally recognized de-escalation training to the region. PERF was founded in 1976 as a nonprofit organization as a police research and policy org…

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According to the latest-available set of comparable data, North Carolina ranks 33rd in the nation in “deaths of despair” — that is, in the combined rates of suicides, fatal drug overdoses, and alcohol-induced deaths. In 2020 our age-adjusted rate was 55.5 deaths of despair per 100,000 reside…

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Are the days of the roadside eateries gone? My book, “North Carolina’s Roadside Eateries,” celebrated the barbecue and country cooking family friendly restaurants near the interstates.

Why aren’t more North Carolina books made into movies?

Are North Carolina policymakers thinking big enough about the future of post-secondary education and training? I’m not convinced they are.

Having enacted major reforms of North Carolina’s tax code, regulatory system, budgeting process, transportation funding, and education system over the past dozen years, what should the General Assembly do next?

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Many of us were mesmerized in watching some or most of the fifteen votes required to elect a Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. I can’t remember which round it was when it hit me that North Carolina has been here before.

North Carolinians deserve reliable, sustainable electricity at a reasonable cost, but because of increasingly severe weather and aging fossil fuel plants, that result could be less certain. That’s why we now have a plan to ensure more reliable and sustainable electricity by moving more quick…

I have two favorite quotes from Ronald Reagan about the world of work. The first one illustrates his mastery of an indispensable political tool: self-deprecating humor. “It’s true hard work never killed anybody,” he quipped, “but I figure, why take the chance?”

Last Friday, while his former congressional colleagues in Washington were struggling to elect a House speaker, David Price was talking to the East Chapel Hill Rotary Club, delivering his first speech as a former congressman.

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When COVID-19 first struck North Carolina nearly three years ago, Gov. Roy Cooper responded with a series of executive orders that closed or limited the operations of schools, businesses, public amenities, and even churches. Cooper’s attempt to regulate worship services didn’t survive legal …

Last year brought many amazing accomplishments by our staff.  To start off the 2023 calendar year, this chief’s column is a year in review dedicated to the amazing staff of the Roxboro Police Department.

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I’ve been attending too many funerals of friends lately, perhaps a further sign of my advancing age. They are especially sad during holidays, but in one recent memorial service the congregation sang a hymn that has been nagging at me ever since.

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The Raleigh News & Observer got it right last week when it named Ricky Moore as Tar Heel of the Year for 2022.

One of the ironies of the holiday calendar is that Christmas follows closely after Thanksgiving. Many of the Pilgrims and Puritans who helped make Thanksgiving an American tradition were appalled by and opposed to the celebration of Christmas.

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Most of the nine justices on the United States Supreme Court espouse some version of the originalist school of constitutional interpretation. Starting early next year, most of the seven justices on the North Carolina Supreme Court will be originalists, too.

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From 1977 until 1985 and from 1993 through 2001 Wilson County was the de facto capital of North Carolina. At least it was when then Gov. Jim Hunt and his close advisor, Betty McCain, were home from Raleigh.

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While votes in the U.S. midterm elections are still being counted and the full results of various state races are not entirely certain (the Georgia Senate seat for example), what is clear is Americans did not succumb to paranoia or violence as feared by many.

In the 1800’s, Sir Robert Peele served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, twice. Prior to serving as Prime Minister, he served in the House of Commons, rising to Home Secretary where he modernized policing by instituting the London Metropolitan Police Force, “Bobbies”, a police for…

North Carolina has divided government. Its most powerful executive is the Democratic governor, Roy Cooper. Four of the seven justices of the North Carolina Supreme Court are also Democrats. But Republicans enjoy majorities in the General Assembly and Court of Appeals, and hold six of the 10 …

Every Christmas, the police department hosts Shop with a Cop. This annual community policing program focuses on helping underprivileged youth in our community enjoy Christmas.  Shop with a Cop partners our first responders with local children who otherwise would not have Christmas without th…

Hurricane Ian hit us here in North Carolina last week hard enough to get our attention with its heavy rains and winds.

Early in September, a 13-year-old middle schooler committed suicide while on campus. Wendell Middle School released the students due to a “medical crisis,” and all the students went home. All except Austin Pendergrass who died that day.

There are few public issues that create more debate than the “social safety net.” By social safety net, I mean the set of government policies, programs, and regulations that provide money, services, and products to households who cannot maintain an acceptable standard of living using their o…

We watched the great and solemn events in Britain over the last few days. But we heard not a mention of North Carolina’s important connections to the royal family, to Elizabeth and Charles.

Violent crime is on the rise in North Carolina — up 18% since 2018. Voter concern about crime is also rising. It played a key role in the 2020 elections. It will probably do so again in 2022.

Jan. 6, 2021 should be in our rearview mirrors; instead, it looms large over our country as election deniers are on midterm ballots for office in more that 27 states from the governor’s mansions to national offices. Recall election deniers are people who believe that the election was stolen …

In what had once been a land of opportunity and progress, the state had grown large and oppressive. Its leaders lost their way. Its people nearly lost their freedom.

Remember when President Joe Biden and the Democratic Congress took resolute action to combat rising prices? I apologize for asking so much of you. It can be mentally taxing to recall the details of events long past. And according to my calendar, the event I’m asking you to recall occurred wa…

The noticeable rise of violence against law enforcement in our nation is unprecedented. Ten officers were shot in the line of duty in our state last month, two of those murdered. Since Jan. 1, 2019, there have been more than 80 incidents of officers shot in the line of duty statewide, rankin…

During a period of unprecedented success by the Biden Administration with the passage of the Infrastructure Act, Chips Act, Veterans Relief Act, and a landmark Inflation Reduction Act, all legislative bills of 2022 and a 50-year low unemployment rate, America is on the right track. 

Bells are ringing across North Carolina as some 1.5 million children start another school year. Can you remember your back-to-school experiences? There was always a bit of anxiety and excitement to learn who would be your teacher and what friends were in your class.

Sheriff Andy still lives in Mayberry, or does he?

This year’s U.S. Senate race in North Carolina is shaping up to be a highly competitive and expensive one — which should surprise no one who’s lived in our state or watched our politics for more than an instant.

The race is tightening for candidates across the board in North Carolina’s November election, according to the latest Civitas Poll, released by the John Locke Foundation. The August poll of likely North Carolina voters puts the leading U.S. Senate candidates, Republican Ted Budd and Democrat…

Was “Where the Crawdads Sing” set in North Carolina--as both the book and movie assert--and where, according to her publisher, the author Delia Owens now lives?

Prejudice is morally wrong. It’s also immensely foolish, producing self-inflicted wounds for individuals, companies, and communities.

When Russia attacked Ukraine, “experts” said the country would fall within days.   

Congress recently took a monumental step forward to increase healthcare coverage for our veterans. On Aug. 10, the Honoring our PACT Act was signed into law, concluding years of hard work and advocacy by thousands of veterans. I believe every veteran deserves the highest quality care we can …

To paraphrase Alice, who used the term to describe her adventures in Wonderland, election politics in America is getting “curiouser and curiouser.” North Carolina has been in the forefront of innovation and implementation.

Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God. (James 1:19–20 ESV)

Hosea 4:6 KJV says, my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. 

Is the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence fact or fiction?

One of the consequences of writing a syndicated column on politics and public policy for more than a quarter of a century is that I am constantly told what I think and why I think it.

Nearly 200 years ago, Sir Robert Peel famously penned nine principles of policing.  Those principles remain foundational to 21st Century policing.  The seventh of those nine principles says, “To maintain at all times a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition…