Well, another school year is already upon us, bringing many changes throughout Person High School. Last year, in 2021-2022, we had laughs, lots of craziness, much happiness, some anger, and even a little sadness, but most of all, we had a multitude of memories. And, just like memories are in the past, some of the former rules are now in the past, as well.  

For the 2022-2023 school year, there have been many changes in policies. Freshman likely do not realize there have been so many changes in policies, and processes but for the upperclassmen, I am sure you have noticed. So much has occurred over the summer, in terms of changes to administration, as well as school rules and other guidelines. For instance, the FDA (failure due to attendance) policy has been reinstated, for those who remember it before COVID-19 struck North Carolina and the rest of the world.